Conseptua provides adapted in house training courses and a range of consulting services in the pharma, biotech, healthcare and related industries.
Conseptua is based on the belief that most companies have a few quite specific burning issues and ‘areas for improvement’ that they want their management development and training efforts to impact directly. To this end we focus our in house seminars, - which cover topics in R&D, marketing and management - on those issues that really matter in each company. We have run a range of such ‘events’ and have the capability of creating and tailoring the content of a large number of subjects to specific company situations.

The boundary between the seminars and consulting projects has many overlaps particularly in the understanding of the core burning issues that often underpin the need for both activities. Consequently, we have developed a series of consulting service offerings including Implementation Consulting, Opportunity Analysis, Building Organisational Capabilities and Strategy.

In all these activities Conseptua brings together seasoned industry specialists with a passion for implementing more effective management in their fields.